The cusp generation

The generation who are in their early 30s today are on the cusp of the technology and social fabric change (it may well be that every generation in every decade believes so)! The deal is that this generation has lived through some part of these changes. That is the reason why some of us have friends who met on the internet and got married, friends who get their daily feed of news and trivia from Twitter, friends who blog, write, travel, and take pictures for a living, and yet other friends who don’t understand why one might have accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and the likes when they seem to be serving the same purpose. The younger generation is slightly more sorted since they do not have a choice really.

A number of girls I know with average to great education and degrees choose to be stay-at-home moms. And I hear many who feel that these girls have wasted their education or a seat in an engineering/law/architecture college which may have gone to a more “deserving” lad. This makes me think – why do we study and earn degrees? Is it to find a job later? Is it to improve or level our social acceptance? Or do we study to simply open our minds? There are instances when people pursue business degrees from Ivy League colleges in order to meet a like minded life partner. Whatever the reason and however trivial it may sound to another, the very fact that an individual was accepted by a university for a specific course over many other applicants proves that they were deserving enough. Moreover, getting a degree and then choosing to be a stay-at-home mum is a change of track – not very different from an engineer who chooses to do an MBA, then works for a consulting firm, and then quits to pursue a hobby.

The reason why this discussion takes prominence is because our generation is ambitious and “homely” at the same time. We want to have a career, two kids(who are well raised and talented), great work-life balance, and independence from parents to live on our own. And the reason why we are the cusp generation is because we are still unwilling to do daycare, explicitly declare our independence from parents, and letting go of the guilt. In a more modern day, all of these may become more commonplace and hence more acceptable. Until that happens, the only thought that counts is that none of us really need or care to justify our decisions – following our hearts and dreams to do what we feel is best at the time without wondering too much about “the right thing to do” seems like a good plan.


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